The growth in the LNG industry continues unabated, doubling every eight to nine years. In the USA, the LNG market is expanding rapidly as shale gas fields are used increasingly as a source of energy to reduce the country’s dependency on foreign oil. Consequently, vast quantities of trailers and re-gasification units are being produced for transporting LNG throughout the country.

Herose supply cryogenic valves and valve packages for a wide range of equipment as the industry moves towards fuelling trailers and other vehicles. Thanks to the quality of our product ranges and the exceptional service levels of our American distributors at Ratermann Manufacturing, Herose are a leading supplier of LNG cryogenic valves to the North American market.

Herose is a worldwide supplier of ball valves including fire-safe safety valves used in LNG filling stations. For US trailer and regasification equipment, Herose supply control valves, emergency shutdown (ESD) valves, including class 1, div 1 actuators for use in hazardous areas. ESD valves have closing times of less than 3 seconds, this is crucial for protecting plant and personnel.

Our US distributor, Ratermann, have an extensive sales network across the country. They have over half a million dollars worth of Herose stock ready for distribution daily from Nashville, a UPS hub for shipping. Ratermann are able to ship up to 8pm central time, meaning our customers get the Herose products they want as soon as they need them.

As a cryogenic service provider Herose are LNG pioneers. We have been one of the first suppliers to respond to the emerging LNG market in the States and indeed worldwide. It’s our unrivalled international track record for safety and quality as well as service that has established our reputation in this exciting and dynamic US market.

Published On: April 3rd, 2013 / Categories: Projects /