& Gas Delivery

Our extensive range covers all size and material options for industrial gas and cryogenic applications.

HEROSE UK supplies valves for all cryogenic applications from liquid cylinders through to bulk vessels, trailers and plants. This comprehensive valve package includes control and protection systems for installation from the vaporizer through to point of use.

A range of bronze, stainless bodied, full stainless and firesafe valves from DN6 to DN200 (1/4” to 8”).

A range of stainless gate valves from DN25 to DN100 (1” to 4”) designed for use in cryogenic trailers and cryogenic plant applications.

A range of pneumatical and electrically actuated ESD & control valves for cryogenic and gaseous service applications.

A range of bronze, stainless bodied and full stainless valves from DN6 to DN200 (1/4” to 8”).

A range of bronze and stainless regulators from DN6 to DN40 (1/4” to 1.1/2”).

A range of bronze and stainless steel plug, globe and ball changeover / diverter valves.

A package of Extended, Non-Extended, CO2, 3-Way and Firesafe valves cryogenic and critical applications.

A full range of safety valves for cryogenic vessels, trailers and plant applications.

A range of needle valves used in instrument and cryogenic and gaseous drain applications.

A range of high-pressure manual and actuated bronze valves for cylinder filling installs and a stainless steel package to class 2500 in ASME and API standards for plant applications.

A package of bronze and stainless thermal relief valves for small safety applications including, plant, pipe and liquid cylinders.

This range includes globe and combined globe / check valve options together with replacement standard and extended topworks.