Committed to opening the
doors to unlimited possibilities
in industrial gas innovation
since 1999.

Committed to opening the doors to unlimited possibilities in industrial gas innovation since 1999.

When the pressure’s on, safety and performance are paramount. You’ve got to be sure that the products and solutions you need, not only get the job done, but also out-think the challenges that are yet to happen.

Our team of product experts and engineering consultants constantly strive to improve your experience. Working closely with you, we’ll get into the fine detail of your project, uncovering new ways to enhance your technical requirements and advance your performance. You’ll get specialist insight on our extensive range of valve and modular technology and enjoy the confidence of streamlined processing and swift delivery, on time every time.

Technology is always moving forward, so you’ve got to keep pace with the change. You need a genuine partner who will handle your business conscientiously, is always ahead of the game and sees no limitations to the possibilities that will drive innovation and take your business to the next level.

If safety and performance are your top
priority, you’ll need a supplier that…

Will do
what’s right.

Will do what’s right.

It’s about being a consultant, not a ‘yes man’. We’ll advise on what works best to meet your individual challenge and provide intelligent solutions to optimise your performance.

Good is never good enough.
We continually challenge ourselves and our capabilities in the pursuit of innovation.
Always searching for better ways to unlock greater potential for your business.

Knows no

Knows no bounds.


Delivers beyond expectation.

No ifs, buts or maybes. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need on time, on spec and to the highest standard.

In a fast moving world what works today can be obsolete tomorrow. We relentlessly explore new ways of improving today’s challenges for tomorrows applications. Making sure you’re always a step ahead.

Is at the
forefront of

Is at the forefront of innovation.

Has your

Has your back.

Through thick or thin, come rain or shine. We’re in this for the long run. Fully invested in you, your business and your future.

When you bring your challenge to HEROSE UK, you can be assured of four things…

Original thinking and innovative solutions from specialists, who’ll guarantee your application will surpass your expectations.

Naturally proactive, our experts respond swiftly and efficiently to your enquiry, regardless of the scale or complexity.

Friendly faces and kind hearts. We’re real people, who genuinely care about the quality of your experience.

Rigorous attention to detail and absolute commitment to delivering exceptional results, means you can rest assured that your project is in the safest of hands.

Enthusiastic experts, who’ll stop at nothing to deliver the best solution for your specific needs.

Keith Stewart
Managing Director

Keith has over 40 years of experience in the global industrial gas industry. With an engineering background Keith was instrumental in increasing safety valve life and for introducing the first cryogenic vessel fill modules.

Barry Stewart
General Manager

Barry has been with HEROSE UK since 2005. With extensive valve knowledge and a background in Design / Engineering, he is now heavily focussed on our Modular portfolio and product development.

Brian Anderson
Engineering Manager

Brian has over 24 years of engineering experience in industrial gas. With skills covering Cryogenic engineering, technical and safety reviews, as well as practical on-site experience, he is a valued member of the team delivering our brand vision.

James Bowman
Operations Manager

Jim joined HEROSE UK in 2005. From a Quality Management background, Jim has developed his decision making and leadership skills, allowing him to take responsibility for managing the warehouse and all production operations.