Prevent tragedies by adopting technologies that safeguard your personnel and support compliant working environments.

Gas leaks caused by process and equipment failures have lead to serious injuries and fatalities around the world.

At HEROSE UK, we believe 
facilities and people should be 
safe, which is why we’ve designed a comprehensive and ever-expanding range of safety-first modules.

Used by major gas companies worldwide, our safety-first modules deliver exceptional benefits.


Reduced installation time

Our modules contain all components in a single, compact and portable section and are fully assembled and tested before shipping. Our modules are ready to install as soon as they arrive on site, reducing installation and test times by days.

Simplified and efficient purchasing process

By sourcing all your components from a single supplier, we make the ordering process more efficient and ensure you have all the components on site, when you need them.

Easy identification
and maintenance

All components are tagged with a HEROSE UK customer part number so that your site engineers can easily identify individual components.

Reduced lead times
and stock outlay

We handle every element of the ordering process for you, significantly reducing your stock, management time and costs. All of our modules are supplied against guaranteed delivery programmes.


Every HEROSE UK module is standardised enabling an efficient and safe installation by your engineers on site.

Online document portals

Streamline procurement and documentation with our online portals, reducing management time and stock needs. Instant access to pricing, module selection, and essential documents ensures a smooth process, backed by guaranteed delivery.

Follow our 3-step plan to learn more about the benefits of our safety-first modules:


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