Fresh from a trip to the USA, I’m excited about the quantity of trailers and re-gasification units being produced for the LNG business over there.

Their investment in shale gas is mind blowing, ensuring that the USA minimises it’s dependency on overseas oil. The industrial gas industry is stronger in North America than in other parts of the world, with some of the major industrial gas companies benefitting from servicing the LNG industry. It was good to see LNG having a growing presence at the Gasworld event I joined in Miami.

In January I’ll travel to Australasia and then South East Asia to attend the AIIGMA seminar in Singapore. The event is fast becoming a major fixture in the industrial gas conference calendar. I’m sure I’ll get the same buzz from visiting this part of the world with its burgeoning LNG industry. With my expertise and Herose’s track record in safety, I’ve been asked to give a keynote presentation highlighting the safety issues facing LNG users, as the industry goes from strength to strength. You can preview my paper and some of the hot topics for the industry: LNG – a licence to operate safely?

Finally, although tired on my return from the USA, I still managed to attend my grandson’s nativity play this afternoon, none other than The Wiggly Nativity. I also wish you a peaceful holiday with the ones you love!

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